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While print marketing can be effective in reaching an audience, it becomes very costly the more it is printed and distributed. Internet marketing can reach many more people at fraction of the cost. With developments in content management systems, search engine optimization, e-commerce and devices that display web content, having an internet marketing plan has become essential for any business owner. Here are a few ways DCW4 Web Solution can help you develop and execute your marketing plan.

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Picture of Penn State Alumni Association Central Florida Chapter Website

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The number one way to market a business on the internet is to have a website. Marketing a business or organization online through a website has gotten more elaborate in recent years. DCW4 Web Solutions can not only design and develop the website for you, but also create and manage content for you. Our goal is to utilize a content management system to provide you with the flexibility to either maintain the website yourself or, if time is at a premium, have us manage it for you. Where it is a new site or a redesign, we will take your website to new heights.

Here are a few examples of websites designed by DCW4 Web Solutions and are currently in use. Contact us today to start the process.

Responsive Design and Mobile Sites

As the use of personal computers and laptops are bowing to the use of mobile phones, the design of a website must be mobile-ready. That is where responsive design comes in. The websites we design for clients all have responsive design, which means the websites will adapt to any screen size on any platform. This helps our clients reach more people without having to spend more money for the development of different types of sites. Want a demonstration? Simply view our website on your mobile device or shrink the browser window. We will get your site mobile-ready.

The examples listed here are the same websites displayed earlier, only on a smaller screen. There is no additional work needed, which saves money for our clients.

Picture of KHAPR Website on Mobile Device

Picture of DCW4 Web Solutions Site on Mobile Device

Picture of Penn State Alumni Association Central Florida Chapter Website on Mobile Device

Picture of Website on Mobile Device

Social Media

A very popular way to market a business or organization is through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. It is a quick way to not only get a brand and website noticed, but also to network with people through there. As the connections increase, distributing marketing materials becomes much easier while allowing followers to provide feedback to you or even promote you to their connections. Let us help you establish your social media sites for you and increase your visibility.

Taking Sites to New Heights!

DCW4 Web Solutions is here to provide you with an affordable option to build a web presence. We work with most budgets and aim to please. Contact us today to discuss how we may serve you and start connecting you to others on the web. Finally, DCW4 Web Solutions will also be working toward adding app creation for clients. Keep checking back to our site for updates on when this new service will begin.

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